Christ Healing

For all of my life I have known Jesus Christ as my friend.  I have received guidance from Holy Spirit each step of the way.  As a therapist, I have sought out to understand any person that may walk through my door for help and healing.  To this end, I have studied different religions and spiritual beliefs.  I have learned about many spiritual practices.  I believe God was teaching me these things so that I may understand people more deeply, as well as to fine tune my discernment, to show me what is Truth and what is not. As you might imagine, that is not always an easy process. Many times I have been alone with no one else to turn to except God.  This has strengthened my discernment immensely.  My clients benefit from this in our time together.  And I continue to learn every day.

After many years of concentrated prayer, I received an Anointing from Jesus in 2009 for Healing and Teaching. Since then many of my clients and others have received spontaneous healing during our time together.  Healing can also happen in more gradual ways, one step at a time, as we release the ways of the past and learn to embrace the higher ways of Truth.  Sometimes, there are important pieces to learn in order to heal.  It my calling to help people realize their own healing relationship with God.  I am happy to teach this process to clients during the therapy process or through spiritual coaching.

We are living in a particularly important time in history. There are many false healers, teachers and prophets among us.  It is essential for our souls to strengthen our discernment for Truth so that we may all make the best choices for ourselves and our families.

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