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Are you worried about your child’s anxiety, increased sadness or irritability?

You try to reassure them but it’s just not working.

Maybe they have social anxiety, insecurity about friends, school or sports.

Sometimes your sensitive child feels things the most.

I’ll help your child to work through the emotions that are often held a bit deeper within, the feelings that are sometimes hard to reach and can show up in somatic symptoms like headaches and stomachaches.

It’s time to find a solution to worry, anxiety, sadness, irritability and sleepness nights.

I utilize play therapy, which assists your child to express feelings they may not yet understand.  They will feel relief expressing their emotions and develop a greater acceptance of themselves.

I will help your child put words to their feelings and communicate more easily.  They will learn mind-body skills to calm and trust themselves more, gaining self-confidence.

We will build on your child’s strengths and identify those unique qualities that make them special.

As parent, you’ll be an essential part of the therapy process as you set the structure of their life and guide them day to day.  I’ll help you with parenting choices that encourage openness and sharing, healthy boundaries, and age appropriate development.

You supporting your child in the counseling process helps them to integrate what they are learning here at home and together we can help their self-esteem to flourish.

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Issues I help with, but are not limited to:

  • social anxiety
  • performance anxiety
  • separation anxiety
  • increased sadness
  • irritability & angry outbursts
  • sibling issues
  • sleep avoidance, sleep anxiety or insomnia
  • dealing with parents’ divorce
  • blended family challenges
  • bedwetting
  • phobias
  • recovery from trauma
  • dealing with bullying
  • family conflict
  • coping with parent’s mental health or substance abuse

Call now for a free consultation and I’ll explain the process at 952.220.5225 or visit my Contact page.



History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children.                      ~ Nelson Mandela

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